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Our Mission

A man striving for success in all aspects of life can easily forget about self-care, especially when it comes to his skin.  Modern men deserve to look and feel great. 

The ELI Skincare recipe for success is honest and simple. No chemicals. No toxins. Highest quality natural ingredients like sea buckthorn, calendula, carrot seed oil, and grapeseed oil are infused in the right amounts to tone, hydrate, and protect your skin while reducing irritation.  Together we say goodbye to dry skin, wrinkles, dark-circles, and razor bumps. By improving your skin at the core, we make sure you look professional at your next meeting and attractive to the people who matter most. 

ELI Skincare products were originally crafted for the men in my family. I combined old family recipes with modern scientific research to infuse the skin with nourishment and new life.  I’m humbled to share this gift with you today.   

Marina Davar
Founder of ELI Skincare